Without Further Ado, The Satisfyer 2 Review

So, the Satisfyer 2.  You’ve probably seen the Satisfyer line make it’s way around with all the sex toy review bloggers, and yes- I’ve hopped on that caboose.  Choo choo!

The Satisfyer is a competitor to the Womanizer, which pretty much anyone can agree that without the terrible name, the cheesy design and the addition of a “y” for a bit of flair, the Satisfyer came on the market to stake its claim.

I haven’t tried any suction/vibrational duos previously, but I had heard it would give me a hands free orgasm. I mean, who doesn’t want that? I’m lazy.  I like getting off. I was down to at least try!

A few takeaways about the Satisfyer 2-

-The Satisfyer 2 take two triple A batteries.

-It makes really loud noises.

-When used alone, it caused my face to get red hot and my clit to get right to the point of climax, though not getting over the edge.

-When used with a partner, the sound was so terrible he laughed so hard for about a minute and a half and the awkwardness made it a memorable romp- though not the way I would have expected for a toy that’s supposed to get you off.  If it remains nestled on your clit, it’s not too bad, but as soon as you move, it’s noticeable.

So- more about noises, which you would expect from a suction vibe, but still might not know what to expect at all:

The Satisfyer 2 is loud, and it makes a noise that I can only describe as a fish tank filter when the water gets too low.  Yup.

How does it feel?

It was an interesting sensation with a pressure over the clit (others have described it as suction, but it really doesn’t create a suction), and the vibrator wasn’t bad- it took my breath away- but as mentioned, I couldn’t climax with it.  Trust me, I tried. Several times. Womp womp.

I was able to get myself to some sort of ending point with a dildo, but for being a Satisfyer, it wasn’t as satisfying as I’d have hoped.  At times, I needed it to be more intense, and since the controls were clunky, it would either be too much or too little, but adjusting it even after 3 tries, was frustrating.

As stated, the pulsating sensation caused me to get flushed (in a good way) and it was pretty intense- but with that being said, it can be a bit too much if you can’t control the settings. It’s like…”wow” and then “holy shit, too much,” and if you try this with a partner, and they’re laughing hysterically at the suction noise, well, just go with it.  It’s a lot of intensity.

Well, what was good about it?

It cleans up really easily. The silicone nozzle comes off, and I think this could be a good toy for someone who is trying to discover what new sensations work for them, and also- unlike me, don’t have room mates.

One thing to be aware of, the Satisfyer line is said to be waterproof- but from other bloggers I’ve read, it’s been proven that the Satisfyer is not waterproof and nobody likes rusty, corrosive batteries next to their happy button and other important parts.

If you’re using this toy, it probably can work in water if you’re diligent about removing the batteries immediately after play, but even then- there’s a chance that water gets trapped and sloshes around- causing you to wonder if it’s really worth taking a risk next to your bits.  If you wonder, I don’t blame you- I’ve only used this toy dry (well with lube) but wish I would have the guts to try it in my bathtub but I’ve read several not so good reviews about this toy and the water it claims to be great for.

So, would I recommend it?  

It’s $39.99 at Shevibe, and if you’re wondering what this sensation is like (you know, the suction thing), it will be a decent tradeoff to a good dinner out.  I’ve also reviewed the Satisfyer Penguin and had even less success with it- so this model could be a good bet to just feel what the hype is about and see if it works for you.

Long story short, I wasn’t blown away by this toy, despite all of the glowingly positive reviews I’ve seen around, it wasn’t a good fit for me- but I still have the Satisfyer Pro 2 to review and am hoping it’s a better fit.


This sex toy was sent to me from Satisfyer for review.  Opinions are entirely my own.  If you’re a swinger, or like reading swinger blogs- please continue reading, and hopefully the sex reviews will get better as time goes one!  One can hope. 


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