Yes, I’m totally a greedy bitch.  Then again, the build up of desire is half the fun isn’t it?  Here are some of the toys and products I’m hoping to get my paws on soon:



VixSkin Mustang Dual Density Silicone Dildo –  Who doesn’t friggin love tie-die?  I’m weird, none of my toys are flesh colored. I prefer the crazy colors, fade effects and pearlescent glitters.  I’ve heard nothing but great things about the quality of this toy.  Lusting hard!



Shunga Sweet Snow Body Powder –  We haven’t tried this yet, but saw it on one of Tristan Taromino’s DVD’s and were intrigued.  Any reason to make play time a bit more tasty is a win with us, we really want to experience this sensation!




Tristan Taormino’s Guide to Bondage for Couples –  We have loved the other DVD’s in Tristan’s series.  They’re part instructional, part porn and they are absolutely tantalizing.  They do a great job of pairing couples together, and even the most astute of feminists (ahem, me) can enjoy the material without getting interrupted by some lust-killing patriarchal bullshit that you typically see on other DVD’s.  We want to see more!