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Squirting – Female Ejaculation

What is it?

Squirting is one of those things that many find beyond hot, and I myself kept finding myself frustrated with the fact that I had never done so in my life. It had come to the point where I was getting frustrated as my close friends stated that it was easy for them. I had tried everything. I used DVDs, wands, vibrators, G-spot stimulation, you name it I tried it. Eventually it got to the point where I was so focused on it, that its ruined pleasure a bit. I talked to my partner, and he suggested that it would be best to just not think about it.


One afternoon, he decided that he was feeling a bit playful and things got hot and heavy quickly. After using my favorite tights to tie me to the bedframe, he pushed my shirt over my eyes. The pleasure of not knowing what would happen is exactly what it took to make squirting happen for me. He did everything that he knew would drive me over the edge. He used his mouth, his hands, and eventually our sexy time had gone beyond foreplay.

As he entered me, I felt a giant pressure. I told him about it, and he pulled out and provided a lot of clitoral stimulation. All of a sudden, the pressure relieved and I felt a hot, wet gush from my lady bits. It was not so much of a squirt, but more of a gushing flood. I thought it was his sperm, but it was too watery. That is when I knew that I had did it.

Wrapping up

I had to let go of thinking about it and focusing on it. I had to let it happen naturally and since then, it has been a huge turn on for both of us. Introducing a bit of kink to a vanilla life was the perfect thing to do.