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Sexual Evolution from Old to New

Sexual Evolution from Old to New

When I was first starting to experiment with toys, my first was a LELO vibrator. As any teen or young adult does, I tried various different toys before I started figuring out what I wanted. That is when I started looking more into certain features, such as rechargeable and multispeed.

It took a bit of trial and error, but eventually I found what I preferred. Since then I have experimented with various battery and rechargeable vibrators in a range of textures and designs. Thinking back, I believe we all evolve from our first experience to our latest visit to the sex shop.

For me, I enjoy trying new toys to see what makes them different. From the sensation to feeling of various patterns and speeds, to how the material feels against my skin.

Recently, the LELO brand has been a hot topic because they released a condom with rather concerning marketing. Although, thinking back at how long most of my LELO toys have actually lasted I have to admit their one of my favorite brands. They may have some concerning marketing for their new approach to expanding, but that does not affect the quality of their other toys.

In the end, evolving is what it’s about. Figuring out what you want in the bedroom, be it a single partner, being in an open relationship, to having a range of available tools at any time. No one really wants to continue using their first vibrator for a lifetime. I suggest you enjoy trying new things, upgrade once in a while. Be it just a new size, different material or working your way up the ranks to a full blown 50 Shades of Grey style pleasure room.