Sexperiments Masked Desires Kit By Sportsheets Review

Sexperiments Masked Desires Kit Sportsheets

There are things we’ve slowly been integrating into our sex lives-  costumes, paddles and glorious cockrings.  Before the sir & I hooked up, I was pretty run of the mill with my sex life, and apparently so was he.  Since we got into the Lifestyle, we’ve been witnessing first hand that people are having a lot of fun simply being playful with their sexuality.

We’ve always loved sex, the guy and me- and we were usually pretty darn content just to be having it- but there comes a time when you’ve got to dip your toes in the water if you’re not quite ready to go for a swim.


Sexperiments by SportSheets Shevibe
Sexperiments Masked Desires Kit By Sportsheets Shevibe Review Blog

The packaging is very Bettie Page-esque.  For anyone who is new to bondage and a bit of rougher play, this kit embodies the playfulness of Bettie herself- sort of deviant with a bit of playful innocence to it, which is great to take some of the intimidation out of role play and paddling.

Cock Ring in the Sexperiments Sport Sheets


I found out that Sir had never used a cockring before- I had used one with other partners before but was excited he was willing to try it.  I wasn’t sure if he’d like it.  We’d seen a few guys rock a harder (less flexible) silicone version and one guy was sporting a metal ring, and after I assured Sir that we would not be jumping straight to the big leagues, he was willing to give it a try with a super stretchy, vibrating cockring geared for beginners.
Review Sexperiments Masked Desires Kit By Sportsheets

I’m still a bit gun shy about being tied up.  I’m also not fully into role playing, though it’s something I really think could be stimulating- I’m just not ready to dive in completely.  I do though, like having a few things on hand to play dress up and get in the mood.  Ya, I may be a bit on the vanilla side, but here you go- some starter sprinkles that anyone can get into.

Beyond couple play in the bedroom, this kit is also good if you’re heading to a costume party of the swinging-nature.  We’ve been invited to a few themed parties, and masquerades are a popular favorite amongst swingers, so having this on hand might be a great way to play dress up for a house party.
Sexperiments Masked Desires Kit By Sportsheets Review
Sexperiments Masked Desires Kit By Sportsheets Shevibe Review

I will say- the paddle itself is sturdier than it looks.  We have one paddle that I absolutely adore (to be reviewed soon) which is a level up from this one, but this is a great starter paddle if you’re not sure you want to permanently incorporate paddling into your repertoire.

For swinger costume parties or play in the bedroom- this is an approachable starter kit to incorporate a few darker shades of play into your romps.


The Sexperiments Masked Desires Kit By Sportsheets is geared for people who want something a bit playful, but also practical.   Priced at $49.99, you get a little bit of everything you want to try and nothing is too hard core- just a wee bit of kink without a financial commitment if you’re not sure what you’re going to like.



This kit was sent to me for review from the fabulous folks at SheVibe.  Rawr!


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  1. Oh, so exciting to see you’re experimenting!

  2. I like the mask.

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