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Sexism within Swinging

Sexism within Swinging

Think back to the old days, when you would have to travel to the bad side of town to get a porn video on VHS or DVD. Those days when you had to go through a barred window building that had beads over the doorways that lead to private viewing rooms and that one obscure area that was full of sex toys that were marketed using a bunch of porn stars.

Times have changed a bit. Now women are in charge of their sex lives and it is much easier to go to adult stores. They look like your everyday store, but have a section that is reserved with toys, and other items. Yet, they are all catered to the more vanilla of couples. Why? Well, even though swingers believe that the women are in charge, most companies do not know how to market to those who are swingers.

We all know that sex sells and that women are amazing to look at and you can sell more if you show large breasts, but why sell things like that. If you lead a more feminist lifestyle, then this could just make you feel unwelcomed and we understand that you do not need to use a thin chick with large breasts on top of a vibrator to sell it. Why not use the selling points of it being a great product?

Not all women are going to be built the same, so why are we holding marketing standards to all women need to look and be a certain way? It is like men are using women as a type of prop to sell sex. Even though this marketing does not bother most of the swinger community, it is important to point out that packaging does matter to some people.