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Guide to Using and Buying Sex Swings

There comes a time when regular old sex toys just become too boring. Like, what’s so special about dildos and pocket pussies? They’ve been here for decades and will be here for a long, long time. What if you needed something a bit more unique, a bit different and, for a lack of a better word, a lot more kinky? Well, it doesn’t matter how you found this category of toy, whether it was from a friend or some fetish porn site, sex swings are one of the most exotic piece of sexual products available for sale. Curios about exactly what they are? Not to worry because we’re going to undertake the task of teaching you all there is to know about sex swings.

What Are Sex Swings?

A proper definition of sex swings makes it sound a lot more torture than it actually is. Basically, a sex swing is all about suspending a naked partner in the air while the other partner goes to town freely. Sex swings open the doors to a lot of fun fetishes. The most common of those is obviously BDSM. The partner is bound and hung on a sex swing where he / she is completely unable to move at all.

But, the question is, why spend all that money on sex swings? The usage of sex swings we’ve explained till now is nothing better than a rope could help achieve. However, when you’re suspending someone in mid air with rope, you’re cutting off the blood circulation and risk a lot of bruises. However, when we’re talking about sex swings, these things are made specifically so that the person being hung isn’t harmed in any way. Most harnesses have support for the back and for the buttocks to ensure comfort even during sessions. Moreover, they’re secured down to ensure that the swing doesn’t come down even with an extreme amount of pressure.

Sex Swings
Sex Swings

Safety Issues

Sex swings are physically dangerous. The manufacturers can do all they possibly could to make them safe, but the truth is that there is still room for error. The error could be a mistake in the installation, or it could also be a simple defective piece. Whatever the case it, it’s always good to be extra careful with a sex swing. With that being said, here are a few safety tips you should follow while using sex swings.

First step right after installation is to visually check the swing for defects. First you should look at where the swing is mounted, there shouldn’t be any fatigue in the mounts. You can also look for tore fabric, ripped stitching, any sort of corrosion on the metal parts, etc.

Secondly, before you hop right in, do give the swing a small test drive. Put a little pressure on it, then a bit more, then a bit more, if the swing holds then sit on it. There’s a chance that due to improper installation, the first time you sit in it, you’ll end up on your butt.

Thirdly, never ever try to adjust the harness while you’re sitting on it. Don’t even try lifting the pressure off one side to adjust this. You whole body weight will crash a few inches, and while the crash might just be a minor inconvenience for you, it may not be so minor for your swing.

Fourthly, stay far away from swings that don’t have springs and are bounded straight with the stand or roof with fabric or leather. Sex swings were originally built with springs, but some popular manufacturers have started to drift away from them. Springs are more for the protection of your swing, all that bouncing around, the stand or the hinges can’t handle that. Without springs, you’ll just eventually fall on your ass one day and best case scenario, dislocate something.

Features to Look For

So, before we move on to the actual products you should be buying, let’s talk about some attractive features that your swing should always have.


You’re probably like, “Oh, why would comfort even remotely matter in a sex swing?” The reason why comfort is the first on our list is because there is a difference between discomfort and straight up pain. A sex swing is meant to be uncomfortable, but it should never physically hurt. Give your sex swing a test run to see if it hurts. It will hurt a bit, but if it’s over 6 on a scale of 1-10, then you should definitely consider buying a different product. Also, sex swings in general don’t hurt. It’s just some specific ones that don’t sit well with your body shape and size. Experiment around a little bit and we’re sure that you’ll find something that is both comfortable and kinky at the same time.

The Type of Swing

Generally, you can work with any type of swing, it doesn’t really matter, they all work in the same way. But, you do have to consider where you’ll be using the swing, because this can influence the type you should buy (the types are stand sling, roof-mounted and door swing, btw). For example, if you’re short on space, you shouldn’t get a stand sling since the stands paired up with the swing can take a lot of space. Another situation could be that you’re living in a rented place that doesn’t allow holes in the roof. Now, you should stay away from roof-mounted swings and look at some other options. There is no one ‘best type of swing’. It’s purely preference-based and depends on what works for you.


There’s not much to be said about this. We already talked about all the points a swing should hit in terms of safety. Just make sure you check all those things mentioned above.


The final thing you should look for in a sex swing is versatility. Find a swing that can allow the maximum number of position to keep play from getting stale quickly. It does get stale eventually, but getting a versatile swing will ensure that this doesn’t happen too quickly.

Popular Sex Swings

So, now, moving on to the main topic at hand, let’s talk about some of the best door swings available for purchase. We plan to diversify a list, meaning that we’re going to talk about the best of each type of sex swings. Let’s get to it.

Utimi Sex Door Swing

Utimi Sex Door Swing
Utimi Sex Door Swing

The Utimi sex swing is one of the cheapest sex swings out there. It’s valued at around $30, however, the best part is that the cost to performance ratio of this thing is absolutely spectacular. The build is really sturdy and a single usage will tell you that even thought it’s cheap, that doesn’t change the fact that this is one durable sex swing. Just make sure your door is not weak, because this probably will not happen with your swing.

The swing is made of nylon, but the more crucial part is the workmanship that went into stitching that nylon together. It definitely obvious that the manufacturers paid special attention to the stitching and made sure that the back bone of the swing was durable. Secondly, we consider this as one of the best toys out there because of the amount of position you could use this toy in. It’s pretty versatile, so getting bored won’t be a problem.

One thing that is a problem though, is the fact that this toy is only made for petite women. It’s not that it can’t handle the weight, it’s just that if you’re even normal height, you won’t fit in this. You may be able to squeeze in, but nothing could be said about the comfort level, as it’ll pretty much be non-existent. Apart from that, even though door swing installations are easy, this will be a bit tiring since the manufacturers didn’t include an instruction manual. But, if you have a bit of experience of using sex swings, you’re set.

  • Superior knitted nylon, safe and non-toxic.
  • Thickened material, durable in use.
  • New ways to play SM games by hanging on door.
  • Delicate workmanship, bear heavy weight.
  • More sexual postures, more thrilling stimulation. Specially make for enthusiasts of SM games playing

Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Swing

Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Swing
Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Swing

This set is one of the best selling sex swings on Amazon, and that says a lot about what type of product it actually is. This is sort of a universal sex swing, meaning that it can’t be classified into one of the types we explained above. It can be mounted on a roof, on a stand, on a door, or even a monkey bar, hell, it can even be mounted to a tree branch. The swing is made to adapt to all sorts of surfaces. The set does come with a few materials to help with the whole mounting process as well.

This swing is meant to take more than a few hits. The material used is silk nylon fabric. While we may not be able to test the authenticity of this claim, the manufacturers do say that their product can hold up to 600 pounds of weight.

When it comes to comfort, there aren’t a lot of swings that could beat this one. The Yoga4You set is partly made for aerial yoga, so you can expect a lot of special modifications to ensure that the person performing yoga (or in our case, sex) does not feel uncomfortable with the swing.

The interesting part about this swing is that it’s not advertised as a sex swing at all. The manufacturers never intended to make it a sex thing. It was made entirely for aerial yoga, but fortunately for us, some couple out there probably tried it for sex the very first time and were left very surprised at how good it served the purpose. The Amazon Rating section has definitely have it’s fun with this small joke.

Whip Smart Pleasure Sex Swing

Whip Smart Pleasure Sex Swing
Whip Smart Pleasure Sex Swing

If you asked what sex swing could hold as much weight as the hulk itself, we’d point directly to this swing. It’s built from the ground up to hold weight. Some customers have even claimed that this hold more weight that the manufacturer advertises, this goes to show how good of a swing this is. So, if you or your partner are a bit on the heavier side of things, this product was made just for you.

The swing can be mounted both on a door and a roof. However, we suggest using a roof or a stand because the way this swing is built, you’d be missing out on a ton more positions if you use a door mount. The swing is also great at adjustments. You’re able to modify ever part of the swing down to half a degree of angles to ensure that nothing stops you from having the vest best sex of your life.

A few other stuff worth mentioning is the machine-washable fabric. Unlike most sex swings, you won’t have to go through hassle to clean it. Simply chuck it in the machine and you’re good to go.

The manufacturers also provide discreet packaging. You’ll receive the product in a plain box with only a return address that’s not labelled in any way to indicate the products inside.

A couple of improvements could really make this swing a block-buster. One of them would be the lack of some way to support the head. We’re not saying that this is a con or anything, but it would just be nice to have a headrest. Secondly, the width on this thing is not as good as you’d expect it to be. It can hold a ton of weight, but what’s the point if the heavy person can’t even fit inside the swing?

It can be purchased here.