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Review: Sexperiments Masked Desires Kit

Sometimes in life, you just have to really spice things up to make things a bit better in your bedroom. Roleplaying is one way to do that, but why not take it just a single step further and get the Masked Desires kit. Basically, this is a bondage set that allows you to slip into your best black or red sexy wear and get yourself seduced in a whole new way. It opens up the doors to a kinky night in with your partner. This whole set makes it to where you never want to leave your bedroom. It is also great for beginners.

Sexperiments Masked Desires Kit
Sexperiments Masked Desires Kit

The kit is made up of 5 pieces. It has a vibrating cock ring which is comfortably stretchy, so that your main man can have a bit of extra stimulation as well as you too. It even has a sultry black lace mask which allows it to provide a bit of mystery and you can add the black and red lace cuffs to the mix which allow you to be comfortable and they are perfect to add to the mood. Lastly, the Pretty Punisher Paddle gives you the right amount of firm and soft punishment for those extra naughty nights.

Take your time and play with each thing and enter into an adventure. One side of the paddle is soft. It has been padded and it looks like a corset with red lacing and black lace, the other side is a smooth yet rather firm face. The handle is perfect for gripping. The cock ring packs quite the punch with a powerful vibration that can send anyone over the edge at a rather quick pace.

Wrapping up

When you combine everything, you will certainly create a night that you will remember for many, many years.