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Review: Satisfyer 2

If you are kind of in the know about the Satisfyer line, then you may have a bit of an idea about what it is all about. The Satisfyer 2 is supposed to provide a hands-free orgasm. This is a toy that provides suction and vibrations which are supposed to push you above and beyond the normal orgasm.

Satisfyer 2
Satisfyer 2

How does it feel?

Truthfully, this was a decent toy. It is battery operated and it is only 2 – AAA batteries, but for such a small toy it is pretty loud. When it is used alone, I managed to get to the point of a great orgasm and right past the edge of it. My face was super flushed afterwards. I ended up being a little sensitive afterwards.

When you use it with a partner, it can be quite loud unless you plan to smother the toy between you. It is stays right on your clit while you are fooling around, then it is perfect but there are sometimes when it feels like it is completely slipping off which if you move makes the toy super noticeable. However, just because it is loud does not mean that it will not do its job.

The sensation of it was unique. It was almost like a pressure combined with light suction. The vibrator on it was amazing as it took my breath away. The controls were complicated to figure out at first, but I got the hang of it and moved on with my fun time. The sensations caused me to be flushed and it was almost too intense at times, but then again, I am pretty sensitive to start with.

Wrapping up

It is also really easy to clean, and it works well for what I need it to do. I did not like that it was not waterproof, as it would have made bath time more fun.