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Review: Mustang by Vixen Creations

Not your average dildo, the VixSkin designed dildo by Vixen offers a toy that’s very lifelike. It is also body-safe, and offers a long life, with a lifetime warranty – just in case.

Mustang by Vixen Creations
Mustang by Vixen Creations

The Mustang is designed for pleasure for sure. It is made from platinum grade silicone, and advertised as a dual-density silicone. This means the core is firm, while the outer surface is squishy and thick. This makes it comfortable to use while still maintaining its stiff posture, which you know is important in a dildo.


The Mustang VixSkin Dildo is a little more expensive than your average silicone-based dildos, but there’s good reason. It is handmade in California, rather than mass produced. Because of the dual-density style of the toy, each one must be poured twice to achieve proper results.

Material and Feel

I found this toy to feel amazing as you can easily bend it, but still be stiff enough to get off with without any issues. Kind of like a real penis. It’s measurements are pretty accurate to the real deal too, rather than that of a dildo.

If you’ve measured your partner and know the exact size of his penis, use that when ordering (unless you want larger of course). Otherwise, if you’re ordering based on the width of a toy, size up a bit to account for the squishiness. For instance, instead of 1.5” you may want to order a 1.75” VixSkin dildo.

Wrapping up

If you’re looking for something that is more lifelike and realistic, you can’t get a much closer feel and sensation that the VixSkin Mustang. It was handmade to feel like a penis inside and out, while looking like another fun hot pink toy for the collection. It does cost a bit more, but that is the price of high quality, handmade toys.