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Review: Elise 2 by Lelo

Lelo is one of those brands that have been great since they first came out. They are way better than those weird toys that are not meant for performance at all. The Elise 2 is just one of those toys that you would certainly enjoy especially if you are alone or if you are with a partner.

Elise 2 by Lelo
Elise 2 by Lelo


This is a great toy that has 2 motors which is a big step up from the other types of Lelo toys. It also comes with 3 colors which are black, plum and purple. The whole body of the toy is made from silicone and the buttons are a bit sensitive. The body of the toy is pretty rigid, but it is really soft to touch, and you can enjoy internal or external stimulation.

It is pretty powerful, and it is under 6 inches with the whole toy being 9 inches, it is perfect to stimulate your G-spot, but it is not as big as other toys out there. It is just big enough to be big, but it is not uncomfortable for being a larger toy.

This is a higher end type of sex toy and it is very durable. The packaging is always amazing with Lelo toys and because of the reputation that Lelo has, you know for sure that you are going to have a great toy that will last a long time.

Wrapping up

If you are looking for a great toy that is just the right type of size, that can make you feel full without having any type of discomfort, or if you are looking for a great toy that can certainly massage your G-spot while you enjoy all the vibrations that it offers, then the Lelo Elise 2 is the perfect toy just for you.