If you’ve stumbled on any of the sex positive blogs that mingle around the interwebs, you’re probably wonderfully aware that there is a giant world out there, begging to be explored.

While I explore myself, here are some of my favorites- and I  cannot wait to grow this list!



Early 2 Bed
Smitten Kitten Online

My Fave Lube:


Sliquid Organics Natural Lubricating Silk

This is one of my favorite water based lubes out there..yes, it has a wee-bit of silicone, but it was recommended at our local shop as being toy-friendly.  I’ve used it for years with toys and it’s been fine.  Love you Sliquid!



Lelo Liv 2

LELO Liv 2  I have the original, it’s lasted 4+ years and I love it!









The Fascinator Throe – We have two of these babies, in brown and in grey and after the first wash, it’s perfect.  If you are fluid bonded or want to enjoy an oily massage without making a big unsexy mess you have to deal with when you wake up for work the next morning.  With one velvet side and one silky side. Fabulouso.


My Wish List:

Hole Punch Fluke

Hole Punch Fluke (OMG these colors..every 80’s kid rejoice)