LELO ELISE 2 Vibe Review

I have been a fan of LELO toys since I was smart enough to know that jelly toys are bad, and that there were other options out there beyond the nasty looking toys with porn stars plastered on the cover that weren’t really engineered for performance.

I’ve had the LELO Nea & Liv (the OGs) for well over 5 years and they’re still running strong, but I wanted to branch out and try the next gen  of LELO pleasure objects, so I placed an order via SheVibes after perusing Marvelous Darling’s site for far too long.  (Or perhaps, just long enough?)

The LELO Elise 2

LELO Elise 2 Rechargable Vibe

The LELO Elise 2 has a dual motor, which is a step up from the Liv, and comes in three fabulously fun colors- plum, purple and black..which of course, we know what I opted for.

The entire body is silicone and the functionality of the buttons seems a bit more sensitive than in previous LELO toys.  The entire body is rigid in form, but soft to the touch- so you can enjoy external or internal stimulation.

LELO Elise 2 Review

Performance wise, the LELO Elise 2 is powerful- though the second motor is in the handle and makes you wonder if the power is a bit..misdirected.  At a size of 5.25 inches, and total length of 9 inches, it’s big enough to be useable for Gspot stimulation, but not as big as the Iris (which for me, was wayyyy too big, and also, the only LELO toy that’s ever stopped working, womp).  It’s on the bigger size, without being uncomfortable.

LELO Review Elise 2

A rechargeable vibe, complete in silicone and easy control buttons.

As a  high-end sex toy, it’s also durable and on par with the LELO line in general.  I hope it holds up for years like my last few toys- and I love that the charger hasn’t changed and can be used for any of my toys (take a note on that one Apple, universal chargers that don’t swap out each model are awesome).

The packaging and the performance are a win, and with LELO’s history, you’re sure to have this piece for years, making it a solid investment to your fun in the bedroom.  If it’s  your first tryst into G-spot play, or you’re looking for a size up without being massive for a vibrator, this might be your perfect fit.




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