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How to meet other swingers

How to meet other swingers

Even though it could be seen as being pretty difficult, it is not impossible to meet other swingers in your area during just a casual night out on the town. However, it is so much easier if you are used to the local area and know all the swinger bars and clubs. Yet, even those require a whole lot of work for a person to actually uncover and learn about. If you are not a part of the local swinger community, you may not even realize that they exist, but there are dedicated swinger websites that will allow you to find swinger couples as well as find all the hottest swinger hangouts where you can meet new and exciting couples that share similar lifestyles.

Ways to find swingers

One of the most common ways is to use online dating sites. Believe it or not, there are so many sites that a person can choose from, but the truth is you are going to need to find one that is really reputable. You are not looking for the ones that have shady looking pictures and gifs of pole dancers, etc. You want a site that is all about finding polyamorous or open relationships. There are a lot of websites like, and even These are very big websites that are all about meeting someone. You will take a bit of time filling out your profile that talk about all of your preferences. If you are not into the more reputable sites, then you can just Google swinger dating sites. You will want to be sure that you attach a picture of yourself. Just make sure that you are getting a feel on what type of sites work with what you are looking for.

The next way that you can meet other swingers in your area is to seek out swinger parties or clubs that are in areas that are close to where you are. This can even be if you are traveling as well. Swinger dating sites are a really great option to use if you are looking for clubs and parties. Many of them will have a party and club section that you can search to see if there are any close to your area. Once you are there, you can check out the club website and see if that place would be great for you. There are a whole lot of different clubs and parties that exist. There are lounges or bars where couples will go to meet and then mingle but sex is not allowed to happen there. This is often called a off-premise club. So, a lot of couples will end up going to a hotel after they meet their match. However, there are some clubs that will allow you to have sex there. These have areas where you can socialize and meet people and maybe get a dance or two in. Eventually, you can use one of the playrooms on site. This tends to be the type of club that a lot of swingers enjoy using.

If you are one that really likes to travel, then these next options are going to be great. So, how would you like to be surrounded by a thousand or more swingers at one time? If you think sounds amazing, then be happy. Swingers cruises exist. This seems like a fantasy, but the truth is that you just pick where you want to go like the Caribbean or Islands and these are full cruises that sometimes make clothing optional, and they have parts of the ship that are turned into really great playrooms which makes the whole ship a giant swingers club. This is a great way to meet people who are into your lifestyle.

Again, if you travel and just need a vacation, why not head somewhere exotic that has a whole resort that are full of swingers who are looking to have a lot of fun just like your area. There are several exotic resorts that cater to the lusts of swingers and even nudists. One of the most popular resorts is Hedonism II located in Jamaica. Created in the 1980s, it is still considered to be the cream of the crop for swinger resorts. They have nude beaches, prude beaches, hot tubs, pools and even water activities. If you want a bit of action, then head over to the nude beach. There is also the Desire Resort which is located in Mexico that is adults only and all drinks and food is included.

If you need to meet likeminded people, why not try out a swinger convention. These often take place in a hotel. One of the most well-known conventions is Naughty N Nawlins. This happens in New Orleans; Louisiana and it starts with an actual swinger parade that is escorted by police. This happens on Bourbon street. Every single night there is a theme party that happens in the nightclub of the hotel and there are plenty of other clubs or bars in the city that are catering to the swinger crowd. The convention even has seminars and workshops such as couple speed dating, and erotic massage. This is the best way to meet new swingers and get a taste of New Orleans.

These are the best ways for a swinger couple to meet other like-minded people. If you are completely unsure about how to go about it, you can always do more research online through major search engines. These options will also work if you are on vacation and away from home. Yet, there may be more options out there than what is listed. Don’t hesitate and just take your time. Get a feel for the atmosphere wherever you are and just go from there. Remember, you need to go at your own speed and just explore. You do not have to participate, but just keep an open mind and do not ever feel bad for turning things down at all.